Branding, Graphic Design
Year: 2022
Client: Chiaras
Categories: Photography, Branding, Social Media Administration


Chiara’s restaurant is a new venture back in 2022 that is going to be opened in a prime location in the city in the Philippines. The restaurant is going to serve a variety of Gelato flavors with different toppings, and they are going to use only high-quality ingredients. The target audience for the restaurant is young people and families who are looking for a fun and unique dessert experience.


The primary goal of the branding project is to create a strong brand identity that resonates with the target audience and helps the restaurant stand out in a competitive market. The branding should reflect the fun and playful nature of the restaurant while also conveying the high quality and uniqueness of the product.


The branding project was a success, and the Chiara’s was able to create a strong brand identity that resonated with the target audience.

The playful and fun nature of the brand, combined with the high-quality ingredients, helped the restaurant stand out in a competitive market. The restaurant received positive feedback from customers, and the brand was recognized for its unique and fun approach to Gelato.

Overall, the branding project helped the Gelato restaurant establish itself as a unique and fun dessert destination in the city.

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