Graphic Design
Year: 2023
Client: The Baker Group
Categories: Graphic Design, Digital Marketing


The first step in any design project is to gather information and requirements from the client. In this case, we would start by having a consultation meeting with the client to discuss their needs and preferences. We would also ask them to provide us with any reference materials, such as logos or branding guidelines, that we could use as a starting point for the design. 

Based on the client’s input, we would determine the following requirements for the illustrations:

  • The illustrations should be in a simple, minimalist style that aligns with the company’s branding.
  • The illustrations should be able to communicate the key features of the product in a clear and engaging way.

Once we have gathered all the necessary information and requirements, we would move on to sketching and concept development. In this phase, we would create rough sketches of the illustrations, focusing on the key features of the product that we want to highlight. We would also experiment with different poses, angles, and facial expressions to find the most effective way to communicate the message.

Finally, we would integrate the illustrations into the promo video (which in this case, is about: “Why You Should Hire A Debt Collection Agency” in Spanish) is about.

We would work closely with the client and the video production team to make sure that the illustrations are seamlessly integrated into the video and that they effectively communicate the key features of the product.


Overall, creating graphic illustrations of people for a corporate promo video requires a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and preferences, as well as strong design skills and attention to detail. By following a structured design process and working closely with the client, I can create illustrations that effectively communicate the key features of the service and help the client achieve their marketing goals.

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