Brand Guideline

Branding, Photography
Year: 2023
Client: Auskills Inc.
Categories: Graphic Design, Branding


I was hired by Auskills Inc. A training institute that specializes in training restaurant personnels who are aspiring to live and work in Australia. 

They offer a unique service and a strong vision, but their branding was inconsistent and confusing.

Over the next few weeks, I worked closely with the company’s team to develop a comprehensive brand identity guideline that captured the essence of their brand. We developed a new logo and visual identity that reflected their values and mission, and we established guidelines for typography, color, and imagery.

We also developed messaging guidelines that would help the company communicate effectively with their target audience. We created messaging that was clear, concise, and compelling, and that communicated the value of the company’s product in a way that resonated with customers.

Once the brand identity guideline was complete, we worked with the company’s marketing and design teams to implement it across all marketing channels. We updated their website, social media channels, and marketing materials to reflect the new brand identity, and we trained their staff on how to use the guidelines effectively.


The result was a clear and consistent brand identity that helped the company stand out from its competitors and establish a strong reputation among customers. They saw an increase in website traffic, sales, and customer engagement, and their team felt more confident and empowered to communicate the brand’s message effectively.

Overall, creating a brand identity guideline for this company was a rewarding experience, as it helped them achieve their goals and establish a clear and consistent brand identity that reflected their values and vision.